Recipe steal...

Still sick. It totally sucks! Have had 4 days off work now, bank balance isnt going to look very good next week! Oh well.

Felt okay enough to do a spot of baking this morning. This brownie recipe is from little billie's blog at (i have no idea how to do proper links on this blog- if anyone could be so kind as to the how to that would be great!) But back to the brownie's. I didnt have any coconut so I just used almond meal instead and they turned out pretty good!

And for dinner I made pasta from Emma's blog at

Was soooooooo good! And so easy. I added a dash of soy cooking cream aswell which was yummo!

I need to start smashing some serious essay butt this group of days off. Its just so hard when it feels like my head is full of snot (oh is!!!!!!!!) Grr. Go away sickness!!!


  1. Awww, I'm sorry you're still sick but at least you're still eating well, the pasta looks amazing.

    As for how to add proper links, I'll try to explain... so, first you need to highlight and copy (command + C on a Mac) the website address you want to link to, then, in your draft you need to highlight the word or words that you want to make into a link, click the link button (which is the picture of the world, if you hover over it it should say link) and paste (command + V on a mac) the web address into the box that pops up.

    I hope that helps!

  2. ooohhh mmyyy GOSH!!! that BROWNIE cake looks DEEVIINNEE!!! I love ANYTHING chocolate...and...that just looks like "my ideal" heaven!!! :)

    OK...Nice to meet you Jess. ^.^