On the tail end now of this cold thank god!!! Back to work tomorrow which sucks but I guess ive been off work for over a week now so I should go earn some money! Going to be a very tight budget next week thats for sure! Thankfully im working all easter which will be some bonus money. Unfortunetely next month is 'dog month' here, Lucy is due for her annual vet check which is about $150 and Leon will be old enough to get his boy bits snipped off which is a few hundred dollars aswell. I dont want any hanky panky between those two though, as appealing as german shepherd puppies sound, I couldnt give them away plus there are plenty of pound puppies which need adopting. Sometimes I feel really guilty about having pure-bred dogs over pound dogs but its done now and I wouldnt give up my babies for anything. The cats are both rescues from the pound so its something I guess. Mum & dad are thinking about getting another kitty now that gobbie has passed on, im trying to talk them into going to the pound for one. I have to admit, the pound dont make it easy for people to adopt pets though. We found a kitten a few months ago and took it to the pound to hand it in and the woman in front of us was there to adopt a kitten but they told her they were $180 to buy and she didnt have enough money so turned her away. We ended up giving her the kitty we found so she wouldnt have to pay all that money and at least then we knew the kitty was going to a nice home. I understand they need the money but come on- this woman was obviously going to give this animal a good home and becuase she couldnt afford it another animal would be put down because there was no home for it. Just crazy. I remember when I adopted my kittens (from the same place) they were $80 each 5 years ago. They are now charging an extra $100 per kitten, and even the dogs are hundreds of dollars. I dunno.

Here is a picture of Leon I took yesturday. I had to take it through it the glass, he doesnt sit still and jumps all over me when I go see him. He is 5 months old now and getting so fat! What a handsome young man! His ears are so big and his paws, I think he will be much bigger than Lucy.

Havent done anything exciting vegan wise lately. Just living off budget food this week- vegies and noodles! Went to my parents house for dinner last night, they always do a big roast and ive always been served up a big plate of roast vegies when I was vegetarian anyway which is still vegan- roast potato & pumpkin, mushrooms, broccoli & carrots. Yum. So no need to change what I eat there! Was so nice to have a decent home-cooked meal like that though. I cant replicate my mums roast vegies at home, must be a mum thing. She just makes them so darn good! Plus I blame my oven anyway. Thinking about some cheap meal options for next week aswell, im hoping it wont be as bad money wise next week, I dont have any major bills due thank god but it will still be tight. Id like to try something quick & hot for breakfasts now its coming into winter here.

I was so devastated this morning, I got a letter from the vegetarian/vegan society of QLD which ive been a member of for many years and they usually send me out the 'Vegan Voice' magazine every quarter as part of my membership but apparently VV is no longer in production. And a few months ago I found out the 'Natural health & vegetarian life' magazine is no longer in production either!! What the hell??? Where am I meant to get my vegie fix now?? Does anyone know of any other vegan or vegetarian magazines out there? Preferrably in Australia, but if overseas can they mail to Australia. Im going to miss catching up on all my vegie goss at 3am at work which is when I usually catch up on all my magazines!


  1. I'd love to see my ragdoll have kittens, they would be so cute. But she's got no bits, and I'd have to buy a huge property to keep them all in because I couldn't give any of them up!

    The shelter where we got our second cat sells all their cats for $100, kitten or not (I think) and dogs are a little more, but still a flat price. It's Peninsula Animal Aid in Redcliffe - a bit of a trek, but it's such a lovely place. Nadine volunteered there, otherwise we never would have found it!

  2. yes ive been to peninsula animal aid, handed in another kitty there - my husband and i must be animal magnets we are always finding abandoned animals for some reason. id love to keep them all but we already have the maximum animals allowed by the council. but yes its a loverly place there. not a trek for me, i live in the next suburb!

  3. Such an adorable dog :)

    Vegan mags - I really only get the online ones! Sorry :(

  4. Great to see you are an animal lover and a vegan! Love it!