Vegie & lentil stew

Ah bills, bills, bills! I hate payday: within a few minutes all my hard earned cash towards bills!!!

Its serious budget shopping this week for groceries. I decided for dinners I would make a big batch of vegie & lentil stew and freeze heaps.



Vegetable stock


Brown lentils

Cannellini beans

Red onion

Red lentils



Sweet potato



Salt & pepper

Cook it all in a big pot and all done! I paid $18 for ingredients and got 10 serves, so $1.80 a serve aint bad. I know its as boring as bat shit but figured I could put some with toast or some rice to break it up abit! Other cheap meals this week will include avocado on rye toast for breakfasts (already had the bread in freezer and avo's were $1.20 each this week!), and udon noodles with steamed vegies. At least being broke is good for one thing- relying on cheap vegies as the only thing to eat! At least its healthy.

What seriously budget buys does everyone do when money is tight????

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