Im sick. And it sucks!!! Head colds are just the worst. The only good thing is lemon tea I guess. Ive started going to the gym, went the last 2 nights and now im sick and my body is aching but im not sure if its from using muscles again or from being sick or a combination of both! Either way, im in pain and bummed because im full of motivation for exercising right now but this stupid cold means I cant even get up the stairs without collapsing from lack of oxygen! Just hope I make a speady recovery, then back to treadmills & crosstrainers! I joined a 24hr gym. Being a shift worker is hard to find time to exercise and I like the idea I can go to the gym at 3am if I want. I doubt that will ever happen, but I find 8-10pm is when im most likely to be free-instead of sitting on the couch watching tv waiting to go to bed at least I know the gym is open. I went at 10pm last night and it was fairly busy, so I guess im not the only one!

Im thinking about signing up for Michelle Bridges (from the biggest loser) 12 week body transformation deal. Its a 12 week program which is online but its live- its not an automated thing, everyone starts & finishes together and there is live chats with Michelle aswell. Its a diet plan aswell but from what ive read there are vegetarian & dairy free options aswell so the only thing I would need to substitute is eggs.

Does anyone have a workout regime or have ever done an online training program?

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  1. Oh no! I haven't been sick for yonks. As soon as I start to feel a tickle I load up on lemon and ginger tea. Just grate some fresh ginger into your mug, yum.

    I always thought a 24 hr gym was a rediculous idea.

    But now it makes perfect sense!! Dur. Shift workers!