'Chicken' noodle soup

After my big day of junk food yesturday I had a light dinner of soup. This is a chicken flavoured noodle soup, its vegan, its $2.90 and I got it from www.crueltyfreeshop.com.au
It is sooooooo yummy! Even the caveman liked it! (P.S I will now be referring to my husband as the caveman in this blog)

Haha. Just realised I got a sneak peak of my feet in this photo. Need to improve my photography me thinks!

The finished result! It makes 4 cups but I only used 2 cups of water to make it about thicker otherwise its really watery. There is alot of noodles in it too which I tried to get a piccie of but as soon as you stir it and the noodles rise they fall back down again :(
but trust me, there is heaps of noodles in the bottom of this bowl!

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