tomorrow when the vegan began....

Im officially starting my new vegan lifestyle from tomorrow! Pretty excited. I havent had my first consult with the dietician yet, money is just abit tight at the moment with uni fees, car rego, vet bills etc. So im going to be going it alone for the first 2 weeks until I can comfortably afford to go to the dietician.
Im on night duty for 4 nights from tomorrow then have 2 days off then back on a week of early shifts so im trying to think of some good vegan ideas to fit in with my shifts.
Night duty usually involves a normal dinner at about 7-8pm then a break at about 3-4am then I finish at 7:30am. I tend to eat 'breakfast' at the 3-4am break then have something light when I get home from work before going to sleep. I usually sleep from 9am til about 2-3pm then wake up starving and have lunch.
So im thinking for dinners this week I will try make a few different vegie dishes as I will have time to cook before work. Noodles with vegetables or a tofu stir-fry are easy options I should be able to whip up. Breakfast at 4am im thinking I will probably do fruit salad & soy yogurt as this is quick & easy for me to take to work. When I get home from work I will try have a piece of toast with avocado & tomato. Lunch will be a battle as I always wake up feeling like a zombie and am starving and this is when I would usually reach for the quick & nasty junk foods. So I need to be prepared to prevent this. Im thinking maybe a vegan 'burger' with salad would be a good option.
Another big battle with night duty will be the coffee. I can easily get through 5 cups a night. Im not a big fan of soy milk in coffee either unless its made properly, like in a coffee shop. It just doesnt sit right in the instant stuff we have at work. So this run of nights will be coffee-free!! I do like chai & green tea so im going to take some tea to work instead. The idea of working 4 night shifts with no coffee is putting me to sleep already but I know its a habit I need to get out of.
The week after that is a whole week of day shifts. I get up at 4:30am and get home at about 4pm. For breakfasts I think a vegan cereal with soymilk should be ok. Just something really quick for the mornings. Morning tea will be fruit and maybe a soy yogurt. Lunches will need to be something easy for work aswell, probably sandwiches with salad. Im usually in traffic from 3:30-4pm and dont have afternoon tea then end up really hungry at dinner time. I thought maybe a small handful of nuts would be easy to nibble on in the car when im stuck at a set of traffic lights, just to keep the hungries away before dinner. Dinner will need to be quick & easy again, probably more stir-fry or noodle type stuff. Im thinking very basic recipes that arent full of ingrediants I dont know or are too hard to prepare. I want to go back to basics this fortnight with fresh fruit & vegies and simple flavours before exploring the vegan world abit further.
I will try to post everyday if I can and keep a track of everything this first fortnight. Plus any suggestions/comments would be awesome! Just to know im heading in the right direction before seeing the dietician.
I havent told my husband yet im going vegan again this week but im sure he will figure it out tomorrow when I go shopping! There is an awesome little fruit shop about 10mins away which does alot of exotic fruits I like, such as dragonfruit. They are pretty cheap and I cannot figure out why I dont go there more often? I always end up back in woolworths or coles with the same expensive crap. I need to make more of an effort to go to the smaller shops & support local businesses. Even it means having to make 2 trips, one to the fruit shop then back to coles to get my other groceries (cat food etc).
Ive been thinking it over about whether to make this a weightloss journey blog aswell with stats etc but am still not convinced. Not to mention being embarrassed about my weight & measurements. I might keep a journal of my weightloss then when im abit more comfortable I will do a post on my progress.
So here's to looking forward to the next 2 weeks full of fresh & healthy vegan living!

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