Day 4

So out of the 4 night shifts I was meant to work this week I have worked a total of...........none! Hehehehe. I work in intensive care and sometimes we dont have very many patients so if the rest of the hospital isnt busy either we get to have the shift off....we still get paid for it but it comes out of our annual leave which is fine because I have soooooo many holiday hours banked which I havent used.
Today was kinda a lazy junk food day. For breakfast I made vegan pancakes for me & normal pankcakes for hubby. Then for lunch I had vegan hotdogs while hubby had meatdogs. Feeling pretty full now! Might just have a light vegie soup for dinner. I had a diet coke today which is naughty I know but it was only a small can, not a whole 2L bottle like usual! And I savoured it along with my hotdogs so it actually meant something. Otherwise ive been having heaps of water & feeling great for it!

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