Day 5

First a few piccies

Vegan raspberry jelly with grapes

Vegan lasagne! I wanted to use up all the end of week vegies in the fridge so made this. Im giving it 2 points for presentation, 9 points for taste, 9 points for difficulty (in other words was so so easy to make) and 9 points for cost. So on average, a 7. But who cares about presentation when im the only one eating it right?

I used these Orgran mini lasagne sheets to make a vegetable lasagne. They were $4.30 for a packet from woolies

The filling for the lasagne: diced mushrooms, green & red capsicums, grated zucchini, 2 cans of 4 bean mix, diced tomatoes & baby spinach, plus seasoned with lots of pepper. Total cost of vegies: approx $16. So total cost of all ingrediants- $20.

To make this lasagne I cooked all the vegies in a big pan, cooked the lasagne sheets in the some boiling water, then layered it all in a bread loaf tin with diced tomatoes on top to keep the pasta sheets moist. In the oven at 180 (fan forced) for 30mins. I made 2 lasagne's which I divided into 3 serves from each, so 6 serves in total. So thats $3.33 a serve. Not too expensive at all! It was very yummy & I will be making this again!

My collection of daily pills! Spirulina tablets on the left. I originally was only taking 1 a day then I actually read the bottle & the dosage is 6 tablets a day! So im managing to shove those down every morning. In the middle is a multivitamin & on the right flaxseed oil-both vegan from

Todays eats:

Breakfast: soy latte

Snack: 1 vegan chocolate rum ball (omfg so good!!! Leda brand)

Lunch: vegan lasagne. handful of vegan poppy seed crackers with some tofutti

Dinner: Leftover tofu, vegies & noodles

Dessert: vegan jelly with grapes

Lots of water today!

I bought some vegan 'chicken' schnitzels today and so wanted them for dinner tonight but im waiting for my delivery from the cruelty free shop- I ordered some vegan cheese sauce mix so im saving them for that to have with some steamed vegies.

Its such a nice day today, slighty overcast but not raining. Did all my housework & cooking this morning, then spending the afternoon studying for my exam tomorrow eek!

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