This blog is still very much a newborn to the blog world but its a start. I want somewhere to document my progress & experiences as I become a vegan and lose weight.
A little about me: Im Jess, im 24yrs old. I married my highschool sweetheart Sam in 2008. My husband works as a paramedic but is going to change his career soon and pursue 3D modelling & graphic designing which is his passion. Im a registered nurse. I finished my bachelors degree in 2006. I worked in all areas of nursing for 3 years before deciding to specialise in intensive care nursing which ive done for the last 2 years. Im currently studying for my masters degree majoring in intensive care. My husband & I live in a fairly rough neighbourhood and have done for 4 years but its home. We are just renting until we can afford to buy our first house. We have 4 'furry' children, 2 cats & 2 dogs. The cats are Halo & Yoda & are just leftover pieces of fur I rescued from the pound a few years ago. They hate each other but they love us. The doggies are both german shepherds, Lucy is 2yrs old & Leon is 4 months old. My pets are like children to me, I love them so much. Im sure this blog will become flooded with pictures of them very soon!
I originally became a vegetarian when I was 14yrs old but also 'became a woman' at this this age and became very anaemic. I didnt know how to eat properly as a vegetarian & neither did my parents. My parents blamed themselves for this and made me eat meat again. I became vegetarian again at age 20 after I finished uni & moved in with my then fiance. Ive been vegetarian since then but have also gained about 40kg in the last 4 years. I keep blaming shift work & married life for the weight gain but really its just I dont know how to eat properly.
Ive always been interested in being a vegan. So the time has come to bite the bullet and do something about my health. I have resisted for a few months with the excuse that im too busy with working full-time & studying my masters but this has to stop. I need to make the time to take care of myself. No more excuses. I am in the early stages of consulting with a vegan dietician who specialises in weight control for vegans. Im looking forward to working towards a healthy & happy vegan way of living.
There is no real purpose of this blog, just a place to document my progress really. Somewhere to post recipies I enjoy, to share vegan stories and hopefully meet some other vegan blog people out there! So if anyone is reading this please dont be shy & come say hi! Id love to meet you!


  1. Good luck, Jess! You should totally read "Naturally Thin" by Bethenny Frankel - that and becoming vegan helped me go from 173 lbs to 149 lbs! I'm 5'11...in high school, at my thinnest, I was 158. It's crazy what a little healthy eating and a few pointers will do for your waist line. BTW I didn't work out when I went from 173 to 153, I just did what Bethenny Frankel said (she teaches you how to eat, basically) and cut meat/dairy out of my diet. Fabulous! Good luck! :)