Day 2

Well I didnt end up going to work last night so I got to sleep in my own bed last night yay! I am going to work tonight though (boo!). Todays eats:
Breakfast: soy chai latte (hubby wanted to go out for breakfast-he had bacon & eggs so I thought I would grab breakfast when I got home but I didnt get home til lunchtime anyway!)
Lunch: Lentil burger with avocado & baby spinach. Half a dragonfruit.
Afternoon tea: soy yogurt. 1 vegan chocolate biscuit (naughty I know but I wanted to try them!)
Dinner: leftover tofu stir-fry from the day before. Handful of grapes. I got 4 serves out of that stir-fry so have frozen them for quick dinners.
Today has been pretty boring. Like I said, joined my husband for breakfast as he had finished night shift so we usually get a big breakfast after that. Then when we got home he went to sleep and I did his grocery shopping. He hates grocery shopping. He usually just buys take-aways all the time and its so expensive. I showed him how he can get a whole fortnights worth of food from the supermarket for half of what he was spending on fast foods and now he is saving so much money. Then I came home & had a nap before work tonight, and am now checking out some blogs. Ive started following a few vegan blogs and im amazed at how much variety there is out there. People are making things with ingrediants ive never heard of and I cant wait to do that myself! I pulled my blender out of the back of the cupboard the other day and gave it a good clean. Need to start making smoothies again I think! I used to always have a 'green smoothie' of a banana, some ice & 2 handlfuls of baby spinach-thats it. Its so delicious though and so healthy. I might start doing those again. I need to invest in a food processor aswell I think so I can make some of the awesome things I see these nifty blogging vegans make!


  1. Sorry I seem to be commenting on every thing.

    Woolworths does a vegan and gluten free chocolate tim tam type biscuit! So good yet so bad.

  2. haha i love comments!

    Are those the Leda ones you mean? I got those! They do a mint slice version aswell, its pretty yummy

  3. I don't think so; it's actually a Woolworths home brand - macro? it's in an orange box :)

  4. oh i found them today! havent tried them yet though.