Day 1

First day of being vegan today! Went grocery shopping and got some good stuff for the week. Today I have had:
Breakfast: soy chai tea latte & handful of grapes
Lunch: lentil burger on wholegrain & rye bread with avocado & baby spinach
Snack: handful of beetroot corn chips
Dinner: tofu stir-fry (marinated tofu, mushrooms, broccoli, carrot, capsicum, zucchini) with cous cous
Im working night shift tonight and for my breakfast break at 3-4am im going to have cereal (a multigrain vegan version of cheerios, with bran) & soymilk and half a dragonfruit. Then I get home at 8am and will have a soy yogurt before going to bed. Thats the plan anyway!

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