Day 7

Well its its day 7 today, officially my first week as a vegan! Its been a good week. Ive learnt some new things and tried out some new taste's. I even managed to lose 700grams this week as a bonus! But now the real test starts: back to work today! I have an education day today which will be fairly cruisy- sitting in a classroom for 80% of the day listening to lectures. Im going to take in my own lunch obviously. The only hurdle I can foresee is people usually bring along cakes & sweets on education days so I will have to politely decline those. I will be quizzing the coffee shop on whether they do soy milk aswell for their coffee's. I think it should be a legal requirement for all coffee shops to offer soy, not just for vegans but people with lactose intolerances aswell. Maybe thats what I should call myself: a vegetarian who is 'allergic' to eggs & lactose intolerent, instead of saying 'vegan'. I still havent told anyone ive gone vegan yet, not even my husband. Im surprised ive gone a whole week without him even noticing!

Todays eats:

Breakfast: grain & rye toast with tofutti.

Snack: soy coffee (if the cafe has soy milk that is!).

Lunch: wholemeal crackers with hommus & sun-dried tomatoes. Fruit & yogurt.

Dinner: ill probably make the same pizza's I had last night, just to use up the fresh vegies.

Dessert: vegan jelly & grapes.


  1. I've never been to a cafe that didn't have soy milk :) so you should be pretty safe.

    You're right; sometimes it is just easier to say you're allergic than vegan. I've had a few blank stares haha. Heaps of people are egg and dairy intolerant anyway, so food places should be happy to adjust.

  2. well they have soy milk yay! i was waiting in line to order and had a sneak peak behind the counter and saw cartons of the stuff so they must go through abit! was very happy, especially as i really struggled to wake up this morning!

  3. Hey Jess!
    i do nights in the ED here in Adelaide, and people often bring in lollies and the like. I combat this by bringing in some sexy vegan foods, dried fruits and nuts. I find everyone is really interested and open minded about me being vegan, and honestly, for some reason i must have "vegan" imprinted on my forehead because people seem to assume I am one anyway.
    You can find a lot of "accidentally" vegan food about too, that people eat all the time and don't even notice.
    If you're keen to join a forum, i'd recommend the kind life by alicia silverstone. there are so many people on there in the same boat as you, all offering their experiences and support. Google it. Good luck, sweets :)

  4. Hey Sally K. I used to do nights in an ED, I remember the big spreads of food! We arent allowed to do that in ICU, which is probably a good thing! Im thinking of making some vegan muffins or biscuits to take in to work next week.

    Ive been fllowing the kind life blog but havent looked at the forums yet, will have to do that!!

  5. I have been vegan for over 4 years now and I learned that if I ask someone at a restaurant not to put cheese in my dish because I am a vegan they sometimes don't care and put it there anyway. Once I found pieces of bacon in my vegan salad. The customer before me ordered bacon sandwich so some pieces fell into my salad and they left it there. When I brought the salad back they thought that I would just be fine if they picked the pieces off but I demanded a new salad. The same with cheese in other restaurants. So I learned to say upfront to the waiter that "I cannot have any dairy" instead of "I don't want dairy because I am vegan". When you make it clear that you cannot have something they assume that you have allergies and will not take the risk. Or you can say that you have allergies to dairy, either way. Otherwise you risk unpleasant surprises in your food (unless you go to vegan and vegetarian restaurants only). You can also buy some small cartoons with soy or almond milk to take with you to coffee shops. I bring my own when I travel.