I know everyone knows what a stir-fry looks like and mine is nothing new or exciting but here is a piccie of the stir-fry I just made. In it is tofu, mushrooms, zucchini, green capsicum, a bag of cantonese frozen vegies (sugar peas, broccoli, bamboo shoots & carrot) noodles & lots of soy sauce. What makes this stir-fry extra special, is the fact that my husband ate it!!! Now, my husband is what I call a 'cave-man', he eats nothing but meat preferably bleeding still and hates vegies (his father & 3 brothers are exactly the same!) So imagine my surprise when he actually wanted to eat this, he even ate the tofu! I feel like ive just made the world a better place by getting my husband to not only just eat, but actually enjoy, a vegan meal instead of a meat one!

Next id like to talk about dragonfruit. I have no idea how many people actually know what dragonfruit is or have ever eaten it but I only discovered it about a year ago. It looks like this:
And the inside when cut in half: a delicious sweet & refreshing pulp which is best served chilled and eaten with a spoon. Yum!

Dragonfruit is very good for you aswell. It helps keep blood sugar levels stable, improves digestion, is good for the eyes, bones & teeth, and has vitamin C, vitamins B1 B2 & B3, calcium & iron & is low in calories. They are pretty expensive to buy where I live as they are imported, they are $4 each but I only have half of one at a time so its not too bad. Im pretty picky with fruit so if I find something I enjoy then ill get it.

What other exotic fruits or vegetables is everyone else into? Id love to know!


  1. Yum I love dragon fruit. I think I've only ever bought one once. So expensive! But well worth it. I go through fruit phases and will eat nothin but, say, plums for a month then get over it and only eat passionfruit. One favourite exotic I have is a mangosteen. Ever tried one of those? They are weird. And also expensive, shockingly, haha.

    And well done on getting the hubby to eat tofu! I was also very proud when I got my family to eat tofu. They at least pretended to like it :)

  2. Im glad to hear im not the only one who has fruit phases. Never even heard of a mangosteen! I will have to try & find them now.