my family in pictures (warning:image heavy)

While I wait patiently for payday to go vegan shopping I thought I would do a post on my family. My family is everything is to me, and if I keep going the way I am im not going to be around very long to see grandchildren. I want to be a happy & healthy mum & wife. So here is some piccies of my husband & I and our furry children. They are my rock & what keep me moving forward in life.

Me, our beautiful german shepherd girl Lucy & my husband Sam at the park

Our second-born, another german shepherd, my beautiful lil man Leon the day we bought him home

Leon at 10 weeks old looking cute

Me & my girl

The first feline furball- Yoda when he was a kitten

Yoda doing what he does best-rolling around in the sun being cute & talking to me

The second feline furball, my beautiful girl Halo as a kitten

Halo doing what she does best: curling up next to me & snoozing

They are either fighting or curled up together. They are just so darn cute when they groom each other

Me on my wedding day. Wish I had a professional hair & make-up artist everyday!

Me & my beautiful bridesmaids

The boys! My husband is the good looking one in the middle


Old photo of us when I was at my happy weight

My family wont be joining me on my vegan journey. I was a meat-eater when I met my husband 8 years ago and I know alot of people couldnt handle being with a meat-eating partner but I fell in love with him 8 years ago and I dont think he will ever cross over to the vegeie side but thats ok. He is very supportive of me being a vegie and is something he says he actually admires about me. I do wonder what our children will be like, I am going to raise them mostly vegetarian but provide them with all the information on the vegie way of life and why mummy doesnt eat animals but daddy does and let them decide for themselves. We will get to that road when we cross it!


  1. You have a beautiful family! Your Lucy is gorgeous!

  2. Thank you! She is abit of a stunner hey! I cant wait for Leon to grow up (he is only a pup) to see how handsome he will be too!

  3. omg your pets are all so pretty! I wish we could have a dog too, but we are in such a tiny little flat. One day!

  4. aww thank you! they all know they are pretty aswell! if we didnt have dogs we would be in a flat, living in a house is so expensive. but having dogs is just so much fun!