Its not a very good picture, and I apologise in advance! So I got my delivery of stuff from www.crueltyfreeshop.com.au today and I had ordered this vegan cheese sauce mix to have with schnitzel. OMG its so yum! I made 1 serving according to instructions but I think this was way too much and would only use a third of it next time! I made it on soy milk aswell, instead of water and it was very creamy & cheesy and yum yum yum! It was abit thick but thats ok, I will just add more milk next time. Very good for when you feel like something cheesy & nasty and naughty but vegan! It was $11.60 for a packet which claims to make 5 serves, but I honestly would get at least 3 serves from 1 serve, so at least 15 serves which is $0.77 per serve, not bad for a cheese sauce.


  1. One of the best things about going vegan is that you get to re-experience food :)

    I found one year in to veganism to be the height of my cooking, thats when I got the hang of tofu, nutritional yeast extract, and really got into it. Now that I know how to balance my diet properly I am going mad with that cakes and cookies and have so much fun with it. :)

    Feel free to ask me ANY questions and check out www.meettheshannons.net if you havn't already!

  2. Hey Celeste! Im very excited to start experimenting with some new vegan ideas! Ive been reading heaps of vegan cooking blogs and there are so many great ideas. Thanks for the website recommendation, will have a looksie!