Day 8

Back to work today. Had a pretty cruisy day. Tomorrow is going to be even easier, all the afternoon surgeries for today got cancelled and there is no surgery tomorrow (I work in a cardiac surgical intensive care unit) so there is no patients! Even the general ICU isnt busy so the bosses decided that everyone who is working tomorrow who is doing study (im doing my masters degree) can spend the day at work studying and get paid for it! Nice! There is about 20 nurses doing more study at the moment so its very nice of them to let us do that I think. I have my essay due in 3 weeks so will be using tomorrow very wisely! Todays eats:

Breakfast: vegan cereal with soymilk.

Snack: soy yogurt.

Lunch: leftover vegan lasagne.

Dinner: vegan hotdogs.

Snack: some vegan coconut ice (yum!).

I had such a crazy headache again this afternoon. At about 1pm it just hit me and it didnt go away til many pain pills later at about 7pm. Ive had heaps of water today so it cant be that. I havent had any coffee...maybe I need a good caffiene hit! Im pretty tired tonight, I should get a good sleep though as its raining like crazy in beautiful sunny (not) QLD! Might let myself have a nice coffee tomorrow, especially if its a study day! I find studying makes me so exhausted sometimes, such a brain strain!

What does everyone else do to get through the brain strains of studying??


  1. Wow that is good of them!

    When I was studying I found that getting up and doing something different for five minutes helped me concentrate. Like making a cup of tea or going for a walk around the block. Anything that didn't involve reading :)

  2. didnt end getting to study at all! ah well. they made us do insevices instead on the new dialysis & ventilator machines. grr.

    i just get so distracted when im much rather be something else!

  3. I have been caffeine free for 14 months now. I no longer need an energy boost in form of stimulants, but when I did, I found out that mate tea worked better for me than coffee to stay focused and alert for studying.
    Also ginseing or guarana would help, too. Drinking plenty of water, eating to manage blood sugar, getting a good night sleep and exercising for oxygen (plus getting a fresh air) always works for me. You might be interested why and how I kicked my caffeine habit. Because of my heart mainly which might interest you since you work at cardiac surgical intensive care unit. Here is a link to the post: