Day 3

Didnt work again last night, was home sick with a headache. Side effect of going vegan maybe??
Todays eats:
Breakfast: vegan cereal & bran with soymilk
Snack: soy chai tea latte (again!) & soy cappucino
Lunch: lentil burger with avocado & baby spinach ( on white bread which was abit naughty but I was craving white bread and I never have it so it was a treat!)
Snack: soy yogurt & grapes
Dinner: marinated tofu with mushrooms, zucchini & couscous
I havent had any diet cola for 2 days now. I usually have anywhere between 3-10 cans a day so this is a massive thing for me! Instead ive been having water or a diet cordial. Im pretty happy with myself! I did have a coffee today but I really wanted one and I savoured the moment: I sat outside a nice little cafe with a magazine in the breeze and enjoyed a cuppa while my husband was at a doctors appointment. Much more enjoyable then sculling as much as I can during night shift!
Its only been a few days but im starting to feel abit more energetic. Which I was highly doubting with the severly decreased caffiene intake but im managing. I slept really well last night too which was a bonus. The real test will be the next 2 night shifts and how I go with those sans coffee. Ive got green, pear & jasmine tea to have instead.
Havent had much other interesting news. Went shopping today. Got some new work shoes, a nice big white shiny owl ornament to add to my collection, a cheap cardigan & some bra's from the rivers sale & a couple of scratchies which I didnt win on :(
I have my major essay due in 4 weeks! Its really killing me. Hopefully I can get some articles read tonight at work. I have an exam next week, but im not too worried about that one. Its stuff I already know so shouldnt be too exciting. I do wonder why im back at uni sometimes, putting myself through the hell of study again but I seem to be a sucker for punishment! Wish me luck!
I have decided to share my weight progress on this blog, ill be updating the little section on the bottom right hand side with my weight, probably weekly. Im not actively trying to lose weight at the moment but thought it would be a good idea to keep track as I transition to vegan.


  1. The headaches are probaably a side effect of giving up the coffee/coke/caffiene :) I suddenly stopped drinking coffee after I dropped out of uni (I'd pull all nighters to study for exams etc) and I got headaches. And when I started drinking it again I'd get severe shakes cuz my body couldn't handle the caffiene! But now I dirnk maybe 3-4 coffees a week and it's all fine.

    I only ifnished my course last year and I already want to go back to do another one...sigh!

  2. Ive had caffiene the last 2 days and no headaches! I think maybe I should be slowly reducing instead of going cold turkey on it. 1 caffiene drink is better then the usual amount I have so its an improvement I guess. Its very hard to give up coffee when you are a shift worker and work crazy hours with not many days off and have been doing so for years.

    I never drank coffee when I did my first degree, it wasnt until I started working. Isnt it crazy how the prospect of studying again seems so inviting then you actually start it and think why am I doing this???? Im doing my masters degree but am thinking about dropping out at the end of the year and exiting with just a graduate ceritificate, we will see. I do enjoy having lots of letters behind my name though :P